About Stephen Hunt

Me in 10 seconds:

  • I'm an artist. I create in many ways.  Music is my favourite.
  • I'm usually doing something.  I hate to do nothing.
  • In life, my goal is to be as happy as possible, as often as possible.
  • I'm very comfortable being on stage. I love the mutual energy.
  • I like being challenged...and love to create!
  • This is my favourite thing at the moment...

What I've done

  • 1988: Started my first band - Black Venom - with my sister along with Elana Stone and Jake Stone (frontman of Blue Juice).
  • 1989: Finished up at Balmain Primary where I'd been class mates with Josh Pyke, Holly Throsby, Jake and Elana Stone - all awesome musicians these days.
  • 1995: Started my second band - Inertia - with a few of the boys from Bingethinkers - we rocked!
  • 1996: Was a finalist for the ICI - Young Playwright of the Year Competition.
  • 1998: Finished High School at Sydney Boys High...and moved out of home.
  • 2000: Became a professional actor for something different.  It was good fun for a while.
  • 2002: Swam the English Channel solo in 12 hours 12 minutes to raise loads of cash for HIV/AIDS charities.
  • 2002: Started my third band - The Methuselas - we were a trippy trio that played around London for a few years.
  • 2003: Did my first tour in the U.K under my own name playing my own compositions.
  • 2004: Released a low-run E.P called 'the light' which you can no longer hear - you missed out!
  • 2004: Co-founded an HIV/AIDS charity called Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS
  • 2005: Was a finalist for 'Young Australian of the Year'
  • 2005: Broke the Australian Record for swimming from Spain to Morocco (Gibraltar Strait) by 14 minutes
  • 2009: Got married in bare feet on a sandy beach in Byron Bay.  Best day of my life.
  • 2009: Took a year to honeymoon in Central and South America learning really bad Spanish.
  • 2010: Was appointed Director of a pioneering digital media company called Joost.
  • 2010: Started recording my first Australian release...a 6 track E.P called 'listen'
  • 2011: My son Xavier Ryan Hunt was born - he rocks!
  • 2012: Started up TubeMogul in APAC - we are changing the way brands reach consumers with video - and are killing it!
  • 2012: Released 'listen' for free to everyone who wants to listen.

Find me at...

Twitter, Facebook, Unearthed (on TripleJ), MySpace, Reverbnation, YouTube or in person at Gigs.


I am probably best known for swimming the English Channel and Gibraltar Strait to raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS charities...but that's about to change. I have been a professional musician since 2002 when I started playing gigs around London and the U.K.  At first the bulk of my set was cover tunes but I began writing like crazy and was soon charging on my own tunes with the limited release of an independent E.P called 'the light'. The call of Australia brought me home in 2005 where the music took a back seat while I focused on a corporate career in 'new media'.  In 2010, the opportunity arose to record and release in Australia through Producer and friend Scott Aplin.  A year later, the 'listen' project was born. Have you had a 'listen'?

Where I've Lived

  • 1981: Newtown, Sydney
  • 1982: Auckland, New Zealand
  • 1984: On a yacht sailing around the Pacific
  • 1985: Blacktown, Sydney
  • 1985: Rozelle, Sydney
  • 1998: Chippendale, Sydney
  • 2000: St Kilda, Melbourne
  • 2001: nomadic
  • 2002: Hampstead, London
  • 2003: Hull, Yorkshire
  • 2004: Upper East Side, Manhattan
  • 2005: Surry Hills, Sydney
  • 2006: Bondi, Sydney
  • 2007: Kensington, Sydney
  • 2009: nomadic
  • 2010: Bondi, Sydney