As a business leader, my career has revolved around consultative sales and execution.  As an inherently creative person, I'm able to look at challenges from a variety of angles to come up with compelling solutions.  Most importantly, I understand the importance of execution beyond simply having the right idea and I work those strategies into my recommendations.  Here are some examples of common projects I'm asked to work on:

Brands and Agencies

  • Tech vendor evaluation
  • Tech stack implementation
  • Innovation roadmap curation
  • Supply chain auditing
  • Data strategy

Tech Vendors

  • Sales/Business strategy


  • Yield optimisation
  • Tech vendor evaluation
  • Tech stack implementation
  • Sales/Business strategy

Stephen Hunt

Stephen Hunt






Throughout my career I've worked with hundreds of major brands across a diverse range of industries.  I've absorbed a lot from the combined experience along with the valuable lessons learned from working within my own organisations.  This experience provides a solid foundation to guide companies at all stages on their path to success.  Examples of advisory services include:

  • Providing governance as a board member (member of Australian Institute of Company Directors)
  • Guiding Australian businesses through regional and/or global expansion
  • Guiding US businesses through an ANZ or APAC launch
  • Guiding early stage businesses through seed, start-up and growth phases
  • Helping investors identify amazing early-stage businesses
  • Providing pro-bono support to not-for-profit businesses

My professional career has seen me continually leading teams that disrupt their marketplace.  The key to building disruptive teams is a strong focus on hiring, training and development. I humbly offer my experience to those seeking direction in their workplaces and careers.  Examples of mentoring services include:

  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • Leadership training
  • Crisis management