Show you care by supporting Y.E.A.H

Please join me in supporting the prevention of HIV/AIDS by pledging your support to 'Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS' -

YEAH is an organisation I helped establish as a founding Director in March 2005 with the amazing Alischa Ross and Karen Cochrane.

YEAH's Vision:

'Every young Australian is empowered with the knowledge,

tools and support to respond to HIV and AIDS.'

YEAH's Commitment:

ENGAGE young Australians and all stakeholders to recognise the ongoing impact of HIV and AIDS on the wellbeing of young people in Australia and at a global level.

EDUCATE young Australians through the promotion of open and accessible information and positive public health messages around HIV, AIDS and sexual health.

EMPOWER young Australians to become agents of positive behaviour change that reduces HIV and STI infection rates.

The development and delivery of YEAH's programs are built on ‘youth participation’ and ‘sharing knowledge through dialogue’ as the key determinants that support young people to become agents of positive behaviour change.

The principles that collectively guide YEAH are:

  • Youth Participation
  • Education through Dialogue
  • Promoting Well-being
  • Facilitating Empowerment
  • Promoting Leadership
  • Contributing to HIV and STI Prevention
  • Health Promotion
  • Community Partnerships

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