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"Seattle-based pop star makes her indie debut with a hauntingly beautiful album"

- John Tirckle , Music Today Post

"Emilia Cole is one of the scene's breakout stars"

- Linda Shine, Music of life magazin

I've done a lot of crazy stuff in my years...but bringing up 3 little munchkins is definitely the highlight (proud Dad).  Being a passionate business leader, I've been lucky enough to practice my fatherly mentoring (along with Dad jokes) on some truly amazing people.  It's the drive of those people in the killer teams I've led who have been responsible for the successes I've experienced.  Some teams tackled HIV/AIDS awareness, some introduced online video advertising to Australia and some took an early ad-tech start-up public on NASDAQ before selling it to Adobe a few years later.  Today, I humbly offer that experience to those who can benefit from it in the form of Consulting, Advising and Mentoring...and I still play a little music from time to time as well.


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